Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elmo And Taking Your First Step

(Take the first step)
Soon you will see, (Soon you will see)
Just how brave brave your heart can be.
Look on up, to the sky. Take that first step.
Kiss your fears goodbye.

Destiny's calling. So listen up, please.

You can feel the rhythm down deep in your knees.
One foot, then the other, your journey has begun.
Elmo believe it, you're ready, ready, ready to run.

Lyrics from "Take the first step" in The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

I was watching the movie with my nephew and this song came on.  I quickly related it back to him, saying, "Just like you.  You started with one  step and now you can't stop walking."  I thought about where his life will take him.  What he'll grow up to be and what kind of person he'll become.  Right now he's into cars and trains, pretty much anything with wheels and how they work.  It makes me think he'll maybe grow up to be an engineer or a designer.   Will he still be into it as an adult?  Will he be into sports? Music? Theater?  Who knows?

 Like the song says, he'll probably experience fear at points in his life and other obstacles.  As much as I would like to prevent those things from occurring to him they're a part of life.   I hope he remembers the song's lesson.  'Cause I'm still learning it. 

 It really is a gift to have the opportunity to be there as someone grows up.

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  1. This is my favorite post and you are my favorite person.