Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Last week my fiance and I took my nephew to FAO Schwarz.  It was so much fun to watch my two year old nephew walk as fast he could to the first stuffed animal display he saw.  Then right as he picked up the Teddy Bear he noticed another stuffed animal display.  While carrying the Teddy Bear he walked to the next stuffed animal saying, "Wow!"

I was immediately stricken with fear as the realization that I  might never leave this place took hold of me.  At least without having to buy something for my nephew.  I turned to my fiance and said, " This might have been a bad idea."  
I had to go to the bathroom, leaving my fiance to tackle the task of separating the stuffed animals from my nephew's Bear hug. I made my way to the back of the store.  On my way, I noticed people making Muppets.  I got so excited that I pulled my phone out and called my fiance, telling her, " you have to come over here."   Of course my nephew loved the Muppets, pointing to the pre-made Muppets and exclaiming, "Wow!"

A pattern emerged as the day progressed.  I would notice something, drop whatever I was doing and run over to whatever entranced me, usually saying, "Look at this! Come here."  Then my nephew would say, "Wow!" 

By the end of the day my fiance was babysitting two kids.  What can I say?  Boys never grow up.

Below is Exhibit A

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