Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Many times as an actor I find myself trying to gain the approval of other people.  A psychologist might say this is exactly why one becomes an actor, for the instant approval and attention one gets at curtain call.  This aspect of myself has come to be something of a blemish.  A zit that always seems to pop up right before a big date.  Before you know it all you can think about is that damn zit right in the middle of your forehead.  You lose all sense of logic and do something stupid and pop it.  Victory!  Wait a minute.  Now you have a bleeding, pus-oozing wound.  Great.  You go on the date and the whole time you are thinking, "This person must be staring at my gaping wound" the whole time causing you to be a nervous wreck, killing any chance at leaving a good impression.

That is exactly what happens to me when I concern myself with what other people think of me.  As an artist, I realized seeking approval is death.  I can't think of any good artist that concerned themselves with conforming to the status quo.  Most broke conventions and might have been looked down upon at first but so is every innovation.

So I pledge from here on out to say F*ck it!  The only approval I should concern myself with is my own. 

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